Auction House & Shops

How to Buy & Sell items between players, safely!

You can Buy & Sell your items in the Auction House, or by visiting player shops, or the Admin Shop!

Auction House

To Access the Auction House, type “/AH”

You’ll be greeted with a GUI where you can choose to list an item, buy an item, sort listings, and collect your expired items! You can list anything you like, for as much as you like!

To list an item, first make sure it’s in your hand. Then type “/AH sell [price]”

For example, if you’d like to sell your diamond pick with mending enchantment, hold it in your hand and type “/AH Sell 1000”. The pick will be listed for $1000. 

To see which items you are selling, type “/AH Selling”. You can see items you’ve sold recently by typing “/AH sold”.

Expired Listings (listing that have run out of time) can be collected by typing “/AH Expired” or “/AH Return.”
To cancel ALL of your listings, type “/AH cancel”

Admin & Player Shops

To visit the Shops, type: “/Warp Mall” or “/Warp AdminShop”.

The Admin Shop contains tons of difficult and impossible to get blocks, in infinite supply. Simply find the item you’d like to purchase, then right-click the sign with an empty hand to buy them! The amount of items you’re buying should be listed on the sign on the 2nd line. For example:

Oak Planks

<- Name of Item
<- Stack Size
<- Price
<- Item ID

Player Shops are where players can rent a shop space & sell items in an easier-to-find area! Shop prices are listed on the buildings & you can sell as many items as you can fit inside! However, these shops can run out of stock, so you may have to check back later!

To make a shop sign (TUTORIAL GOES HERE)

(Tutorial text)