Banners & Map Arts

Banner Maker

On Ghoulcraft, players with 🌸 (Sakura) rank or higher, can use the Banner-Maker plugin to create banners without layering limits or supplies! Type “/bm ” to open the GUI and click on the interface to create & save your banners. You can sell them, keep them, or give them to friends! Check out [PlanetMinecraft] for ideas on banners you could make! 

Custom Maps

We understand how players love their Map Art, but with limited space on the map & custom terrain, it’s difficult to find a place to put it, without taking up precious room. So we’re offering Custom Maps in-game for $5 in the Donor Shop. Once you’ve purchased the Map option in the [Donor Shop], Use the [Art Map Submission Form] to submit your map. The artwork will be delivered to you within 1-3 days of ordering. (Resizing/cropping/editing may be necessary).

Please remember that Map Images need to follow Ghoulcraft’s rules. Inappropriate images (such as NSFW, hate-speech, politics, etc) will get you banned.