Bottling XP

How to Bottle your Experience!

Type “/exp withdraw all” to bottle ALL of your levels at once!

Type “/exp withdraw (number)” to bottle a certain amount of levels.
Example: “/exp withdraw 30”

Throw the bottle at your feet to get your levels back, or store them somewhere safe for later use! You can also sell or trade them to other players in the shops, auction house, or through chat!

About Mob Experience Farms…

A Public Mob Farm is available at: “/Warp Feyfeildfarm” in the skeleton farm. (“/Warp MobFarms will be coming soon!)

Mob farms are allowed no more than 8 spawners at a time. Not 8 spawners per chunk — 8 spawners TOTAL.

Mob farms must be enclosed within a fence or structure. Spawners that allow mobs to generate & run free into the wild will be destroyed, and you will not receive your spawner back. This causes a buildup of mobs (especially passive mobs such as villagers, sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, cats, wolves, etc) which can cause lag whenever they do not despawn.

Mob farms must have an auto-kill mechanism, or a way to shut it off (such as lighting up the area, or flooding it with water) so that mobs don’t build up & cause lag.

You are always welcome to ask a staff member for help checking your mob farm to see if it fits the server rules.

Players that violate these rules will be given a warning to fix it within 24-48 hours either via in-game “/Mail”, or via Discord DM’s. If the issue is not fixed within a maximum of 48 hours (unless you’ve talked with a staff member about it) the spawners will be removed & will not be returned to you. Repeated infractions will result in bans.