Have you ever wanted to make your own drinks, potions, and soups in minecraft? Now you can! Following the steps below, you can create all sorts of new concoctions! Create Alcohol for parties, drink Hot Chocolate in your snowy cabin, and fill your vineyards with ciders and wines! 

Vomiting, Passing out & being kicked/unable to log in has been disabled.

((This is copy/pasted from the Maestrea Server Forum, as it is the most complete guide i’ve found))

Unlike in vanilla Minecraft it is not as easy as adding an ingredient to a brewing stand and waiting for it to finish. Depending on the recipe the whole process can be difficult and time consuming. Some recipes may need a high precision when it comes to ingredients or any other step in the process. If one step was not good enough, the quality of the brews may suffer, leading to side effects like bad alcohol.

Depending on the recipe, some steps may not be needed (if a step is not listed in the recipe, it is not required for the brew) The following instruction describes the common procedure of brewing.


Step one consists of fermenting the fresh Ingredients.

Place cauldron over a heat source (fire of some sort) & fill the cauldron with water.
Add ingredients with a right-click (Some ingredients require special placement for the cauldron to accept them.)
Wait while they ferment, and then fill in glass bottles.

Use a clock on a cauldron if you want to know the time the ingredients have been fermenting.


Put the bottle with fermented brew into the brewing stand

Put glowstone dust as filter on top into the brewing stand (the filter will not be consumed)


A barrel is needed for aging. It can be built two ways:

  • Small barrel
    8 Wooden stairs
    Place a sign on the lower right side and write “Barrel” in the top line:
    The Message “Barrel created” should appear.
  • Big barrel
    4 fence, 16 wooden stairs, 18 wood planks built like this (can be hollow inside):
    Attach a spigot (fence) and a sign that has “Barrel” written on the first Line:
    Message “barrel created” should appear
    You may remove the sign from the big barrel after creating it. The sign MUST REMAIN on the small barrel though.

The small barrel is opened with a right click on the sign, the big barrel with a right click anywhere on the barrel.Put the bottles into the barrels for aging.

Depending on the recipe the type of wood used may alter the quality of the aged brew.

The barrel should not be destroyed while aging, as it would leak after a short while.

When breaking the spigot, everything inside will spill out.


The amount of alcohol inside the brew will be applied to the player when drinking. Depending on the quality of it, that may have different effects.

The Player may not be able to walk normally anymore, they will weave, making it almost impossible to walk straight. Effects like Blindness, Confusion, Poison etc. may occur if the alcohol is particularly strong, & may even have poisonous effects!

Getting Sober

After drinking it takes a while until the alcohol is completely gone. During that time the alcohol level is steadily decreasing. It can be decreased by consuming milk or bread as well.

Hints & Tips:

  • If a step is missing in the recipe, then it is not required (ex. No age listed = no aging required)
  • Tea’s typically have no alcohol, beers a little and spirits a lot.
  • ALWAYS click the side of the cauldron when putting ingredients in.
  • Clicking the water may place the block on top of the cauldron, or just not allow it to be placed at all.
  • Higher difficulty brews require PRECISION on ALL parts. You must cook the exact amount of ingredients the exact amount of time and age them exactly according to the recipe. A few seconds can make all the difference between a good quality brew and an excellent quality brew.
  • Some items must be mined with silk touch or with sheers. Grass for example refers to grass clipped with shears, while a grass block refers to the actual block.
  • No two brews are the same, even from the same batch. As such, potions can only be sold one at a time in the /AH.
  • The length of buffs/debuffs can also differ from potion to potion, even from the same batch, so be sure to experiment!
  • Every brew has 3 stages of “quality” based on how strict the recipe was followed and how difficult the recipe is to create… Will you be able to brew the perfect drinks?
  • Recipes are subject to change due to bugs in the plug-in. If you have any bugs to report, or recipes to suggest, please do so in the Discord!