Building & Mining


Want a fast way to mine ores & resources? Crouch while you mine and you’ll mine the ENTIRE node of ore! Just like in Modded Minecraft! Be careful though, it uses the same amount of tool to mine it, as it would normally!

This also works on leaves (bare fist or shears), and Logs (Including Warped & Crimson Stems, Using Axes).

HDB (Head Database)

Ghoulcraft may have a ton of items, but before there was CIT there were decorative player heads! Use these player heads to add tiny plants, animals, chests, or give your NPC’s faces! Just type “/hdb” to bring up the menu, or type “/hdb search [name]” to search up a specific type of item (example: “/hdb search plants” or “/hdb search medieval”)

The Database is available to 🌷(Tulip) donors, and higher, or can be purchased by itself from the Donor Shop!

Barrier Crafting

All ranks can craft barrier blocks to build with! Barriers are invisible blocks that help create unique decorating situations and protection! Normally, these items can only be obtained in creative mode by summoning them in — but with our plugin, you can craft them in survival! 

To do so, simply place 4 glass blocks in a 2×2 square:

Barriers will be completely invisible when you place them — except for when you are holding a barrier block! Then you can see the big red circle symbol floating wherever a barrier is placed.

In order to break barriers you will need to craft a special pickaxe called a “Barrier Pickaxe”. To do this, simply place 4 barriers in a cross shape around an iron pickaxe