Creative Plots & Plot Flags

The Creative World & How to claim a plot:

The creative world is available to the [🌿Sapling] rank, and above (this includes all donor ranks, if you would like immediate access!). [🌱Sprouts] are unable to access the creative world, to help prevent griefing and hacking by new members. You can gain the Sapling rank by playing on the server for 30 days, and then applying on the discord or contacting a staff-member in-game & asking for a rank-up! We can check your hours & join date, so please do not lie!

Once you have the Sapling rank, just type: “/Warp Creative” to enter the creative world!
(You MUST be in the Creative World in order to do any of the plot commands!)

Now that you’re in the Creative World Spawn building, take a moment and read the rules before continuing! They’re important, and helpful. Remember, if you break any rules, you will be banned (either temporary or permanent).

You can use the following commands to claim your plot!

  • /Plot Auto – This command will give you the next available plot!
  • /Plot Home – This command will return you to your own plot. If you have more than one, add “:#” behind it.
    Example: “/Plotme Home:2”
  • /Plot List – List all of your current plots
  • /Plot Info – Lists information about the plot you’re standing in, such as who owns it!
  • /Plot Biome – Change the biome of your plot
  • /Plot Biomes – Lists all available biomes you can use for the above command!
  • /Plot Clear – Empties your plot so you can start over!
  • /Plot Reset – Resets your plot, including any biome/flag changes!
  • /Plot Dispose – Gets rid of your plot & ownership of it
    (If you run into problems with this command, feel free to contact staff!)
  • /Plot Deny (Playername) – Prevents a player from entering your plot. You cannot deny staff members.
    (This is useful for keeping something a surprise, or for denying a bothersome player!)
    Example: /Plotme Deny MissGhouls
  • /Plot Undeny (Playername) – Undoes the previous command, and allows that player back into your plot.
    Example: /Plotme UnDeny MissGhouls
  • /Plot Middle – Places you into the exact middle of your plot!
  • /Plot Add (Playername) – Allows a player to build on your plot & help!
  • /Plot Remove (Playername) – Removes a player from building on your plot.
  • /Plot Merge (Direction) – Merges multiple plots that you own, next to one another, to create GIANT plots!
    Example: /Plot Merge North

If you are having an issue merging multiple plots together, please submit a ticket or ask the staff to help you so we can fix it ASAP!

You can use the following commands to customize your plot!

  • /Plot Flag List – Lists all available plot flags that you can use.
  • /Flag Info (flag name) – Tells you what that particular flag does.
  • /Plot Flag Set (Flag) – Adds a flag to your plot.
  • /Plot Flag Remove (Flag) – Removes a flag from your plot.

Plot Flags

  • Greeting/Farewell
    Usage: /plot flag set <greeting|farewell> <message>
    Explanation: Set a greeting or a farewell for your plot. Greeting will be shown on enter and farewell on exit. Message will be shown in chat. Color codes and formatting are supported.
    Example: /plot flag set greeting &c&lWelcome to the most awesome plot!
  • Time
    Usage: /plot flag set time <number> (the time in ticks 0-24000)
    Explanation: Set the plot’s time which will be visible for players in your plot. You can also set the time in the /plot settings menu on our server.
    Example: /plot flag set time 10000
  • Weather
    Usage: /plot flag set weather <clear/rain>
    Explanation: Set the weather in your plot. Plot biome affects the outcome, e.g. desert means no rain and in a taiga it snows
    Example: /plot flag set weather rain
  • Music
    Usage: /plot flag set music <disc meta>
    Explanation: Set the music that plays within the plot.
    Example: /plot flag set music 2257

Music disc meta and the equivalent disc name:

  • 13: 2256
  • Cat: 2257
  • Blocks: 2258
  • Chirp: 2259
  • Far: 2260
  • Mall: 2261
  • Mellohi: 2262
  • Stal: 2263
  • Strad: 2264
  • Ward: 2265
  • 11: 2566
  • Wait: 2267
  • Mycel-grow / Vine-grow / Grass-grow
    Usage: /plot flag set <flag> <true|false>
    Explanation: Toggles whether these can grow within your plot.
    Example: /plot flag set <flag> true
  • Ice-form / Ice-melt
    Usage: /plot flag set <flag> <true|false>
    Explanation: Toggles whether ice forms/melts within your plot.
    Example: /plot flag set ice-form true
  • Snow-form / Snow-melt
    Usage: /plot flag set <flag> <true|false>
    Explanation: Toggles whether snow forms/melts within your plot.
    Example: /plot flag set ice-form true
  • Use
    Usage: /plot flag set use <id list>
    Explanation: Set the blocks players can interact with on your plot. This will only affect players who are not added to your plot.
    Example: /plot flag set use 98,1,69

 If you are having