Disguises & Particles


For 🌸(Sakura) Donors & Higher, Use the command “/Disguise” to get a list of creatures you can disguise yourself as, and trick your friends! (Or just play as a cow. We won’t judge.) You can even set yourself as a baby mob (if that mob has a baby version, anyway)!  To remove the disguise, just type “/Undisguise”

An example of the Disguise command is: 

“/Disguise Fox” or
“/Disguise Fox Baby”

Players are not allowed to use disguises such as Giants, Dragons, invisible traders, etc. Players found using these disguises due to bugs/exploits will be banned.

Player Particles

For 🍁(Maple) Donors & Higher, You can give yourself particle effects! If you’d like to have wings, fiery footsteps, or flowers following you wherever you go, just type “/pp” to access the Player Particles GUI. From there, you can access ALL of the different particles, to customize something incredible for yourself!