Pets & Mobs

Pets & Mobs

We know how much you love your pets in Minecraft, so we’ve added a TON of ways to interact with them! Here’s just a few: 

Egg Them

Tired of transporting animals across oceans by lead? Wish you had a spawn-egg for them? Now you can! 🌷(Tulip) rank and higher can take a regular chicken egg (the kind laid by chickens) and throw it at nearly ANY mob (withers/dragons/large guardians don’t count, sorry!) and it’ll ZAP it into a mob-egg!

Now you can take them home & spawn them at your leisure, or trade them with your friends like pokemon! (You’re able to sell them in stores, too!). These can be used on spawners to turn them into mob farms! (But only 8 mob spawners per farm!)

TP with them!

Ride on your mounts & have them TP to you wherever you go! Alternatively, you can hook a leash to any leash-able animal, and have them TP with you as well!

Give Pets to Friends!

Breed horses, cats, & dogs & give the babies to your friends! Just rename a lead with the username (not nickname!) of the person you want to give the pet to, and right-click the pet with it. Just make sure your friend is online, or it will not work!

Horses Can Swim!

Tired of your horses drowning any time they cross the water? Well now they’ll swim! It’s not fast, by any means — but it’s better than drowning! Skeleton horses still sink though (as they can breath underwater!)