Teleporting & Homes


Any Rank can Set homes, but certain ranks get more than others! The longer you play, the more homes you get, or you can skip the wait & buy them in the Donor Shop. To set a home, type “/sethome [name]” (like /sethome farm”) Then you can teleport back to it by typing “/home [name]” (like “/home farm”). Typing “/Homes” will list all of your available homes.

  • 🐞 = 1 Home
  • 🌻 = 10 Homes + bed
  • 🌷 = 5 Homes (Donor)
  • 🌱 = 3 Homes + Bed
  • 🍄 = 20 Homes + Bed
  • 🍁 = 10 Homes (Donor)
  • 🌿 = 5 Homes + Bed
  • 🌲 = N/A
  • 🌸 = 20 Homes (Donor)


To help players find a random location to build in, you can also type “/RTP” to randomly teleport somewhere in the world! Be careful & look around before you start building. You never know who might be building nearby!

To Teleport to another player, type: “/TPA [Name]” (Example: “/TPA MissGhouls”). This will ASK the player to let you TP to them. Alternatively, you can type “/TPAhere [Name]” to ask someone to teleport to you. 

If you are married to a person in-game, you can type “/marry TP [Name]” to teleport to them without asking.